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"Liberal Arts and the Ethical Imagination" - Gerber Institute presents Dr. Christopher P. Long, Penn State University
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Dr. Long will deliver an interactive lecture that draws upon the classical idea that an education in the liberal arts is integral to living a rich and fulfilling life. With reference to ancient Greek philosophy and tragedy, he will demonstrate how the capacity to imagine one's way into the position of another is the primary virtue of a liberal arts education. Professor Long will use Twitter to empower the active participation of the audience during the lecture so as to begin to cultivate the ethical imagination he argues is central to living a good life in community with others.

Christopher P. Long is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Acting Head of Philosophy, and Professor of Philosophy and Classics in the College of the Liberal Arts at The Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of Aristotle on the Nature of Truth, (Cambridge, 2011) and The Ethics of Ontology: Rethinking an Aristotelian Legacy, (SUNY, 2004). His third book, Socratic and Platonic Philosophy: Practicing the Politics of Reading, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press. His more recent publications include: "Crisis of Community: The Topology of Socratic Politics in the Protagoras." Epoché 15, 2 (2011): 361-377. "Socrates and the Politics of Music: Preludes of the Republic." Polis 24, no. 1 (2007): 70-90. "Cultivating Communities of Learning with Digital Media: Cooperative Education Through Blogging and Podcasting." Teaching Philosophy, 33, 4 (2010): 347-361. He is the creator and host of The Digital Dialogue, a podcast dedicated to cultivating the excellences of dialogue in a digital age. For more than 15 years, Professor Long has used digital media to enhance his teaching, enrich his scholarship, and create community around his administrative activities.

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Location: Dugan-Gorges Conference Center
Sponsor: The Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies
Contact: Julie Brin
316-942-4291 ext. 2483
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