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Coelacanth 2013 lit/art journal debut AND Sloppy Joe Improv Troupe

Two great groups that go great together!

5:30 p.m. The NU English Department is pleased to present the debut of the 2013 edition of "Coelacanth" (pronounced "cee-la-canth" -- it's an ancient fish), featuring art, poetry, short stories, plays, and novel excerpts from a number of people from the Newman community.* Free copies of this journal will be available, and we're sure the authors/readers would be happy to autograph your copy!

7:00 p.m. If you like "Whose Line is it Anyway?!" you'll love Newman University's "Sloppy Joe" improv troupe. They'll host games and skits using your suggestions.

* "Coelacanth" 2013 Editors and published contributors: Linzi Allan, Sara Ast (Assistant Art Editor), Cynthia Barragan, Megan Birdsey, Meagan Brandt (Prose Editor), Julie Ann Baker Brin, Shawn Craver, Sara Crow, Bryan D. Dietrich (Faculty Advisor ), Haley Dotson, Francisco Fields, Charolette Freeman, Blair Horner (Assistant Prose Editor), Jerry Jones Jr. (Assistant Editor), Victoria Kunhardt (Art Editor ), Sonny Laracuente, Rachel Lynch, T.J. Manion (Poetry Editor), Paul Manning (General Editor), Nicole Myers, Philip Pham (Assistant Poetry Editor), Nicole Rau, Samantha Rupp, Katelyn Schwarz, Kaylyn Slama, George Smith, and Jasmine Turner.

Location: Jabara Flexible "Black Box" Theatre
Sponsor: Division of Arts & Letters, Depts. of English and Theatre
Contact: Bryan Dietrich (English) or Mark Mannette (Theatre)
316-942-4291 ext. 2341 or 2486
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